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Do these scenarios sound familiar:

You're getting dressed for work in the morning, and you're in a hurry. You dig through your closet for an hour – and end up wearing the same 3 or 4 outfits every week.

You're preparing dinner after work, and you're tired. You hunt through your cupboards, but all you want is to enjoy the evening with your family, without having to turn the kitchen upside down first.

You're trying to relax in your living room and you're constantly distracted by things you feel you should be doing.

What if we could turn these daily, stressful situations into precious and rewarding moments?

The very best way to start having an everyday life that you enjoy is easier than you think. You begin by decluttering and organizing your home.

I'm Annika Pelligrini. My family business has focused on helping you simplify your cleaning. My coaching service is designed to help you simplify your life and create an environment you'll love to live in.

I've just graduated from the international KonMari Consultant Certification Course and am now a Certified KonMari Consultant.

In other words, I'm a professional decluttering and organising coach.

I can't wait to help as many of you as possible to declutter, organise and find out what truly sparks joy for you.

Marie Kondo and the KonMari Method®

You've probably heard of Marie Kondo, the internationally known queen of decluttering. More precisely, she is a Japanese tidying expert and best-selling author of «The life-changing magic of tidying up» with her own Netflix series. 

Her ideas have helped millions of people create orderly and functional homes and working spaces. I love this method; it is very effective. But also because it places great importance on being mindful, introspective and forward-looking.

Maybe you've even tried her method but given up.

The truth is, her method works – but almost everyone who succeeds with it has to get some kind of help. The KonMari Method® is a mindset, not just a system of directions.

Even if you've tried to organize and failed, no need to give up!

The « life-changing » part of Kondo's method goes deeper than just sorting out and organizing your things. First, you must ask yourself a fundamental question, how do I want to live my life in my home? To focus on what we want to keep - what sparks joy – we learn how to trust our instincts and let go of things with gratitude, instead of bad conscience. The items you decide to discard, you will donate, recycle or sell. That is up to you. These discarded items will make someone else very happy. This decisiveness spreads to all areas of your life.

"The question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life." Marie Kondo

How We Work Together

The process begins with either a free phone or in-person consultation. If we decide we're a good fit, we make a plan, and our work together begins. Over a series of meetings - sessions of 4-8 hour blocks - we'll go through your items, what to keep, discard or donate. For best and lasting results, I recommend going through the whole process of the KonMari Method™. That means, all the categories, in the right order:

  • Clothes
  • Books
  • Papers and administration
  • Komono (miscellaneous)
  • Sentimental items

During our consultations, you will learn:

  • How to decide what to keep and what not to (with no bad conscience) 
  • How to use KonMari's unique folding technique 
  • Simplify, organize and store the things you keep - finding a «home» for each item. 
  • Being more mindful about what you buy moving forward.

How long does it take?

The KonMari Method® takes time and requires a serious commitment. But it's a life-changing experience when done correctly. And of course, it depends on: the size of your home, the number of things you have and your time and energy. You decide how much you need me.


First consultation

A free 30-minute phone, Skype or FaceTime call or in-person consultation. We talk about your needs and goals and how the KonMari Method® works so that we can get to know each other a little and see if this is a good fit for you.

Tidying session (in-person or virtual)

Sessions are scheduled in blocks of 4-8 hours. Billed at CHF 80.00 per hour. Payment is due at the end of each lesson. The length of the decluttering journey depends on the size of your home, the number of things you have and your time and energy. You decide how much you need me.

DIY Option

If you want to do most of the work on your own but need help and advice to start each category. We work together for 3 hours in each category. You do the rest of the category yourself. CHF 1200.- (15 hours) Payable in advance. Meetings must be taken within 6 months.

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Reasons for reaching out to a consultant

It all sounds so good in theory, but it's so easy to put it off for another day. Sometimes, maybe you need a little help. A gentle nudge from another person can provide the accountability and encouragement that you need to integrate ideas about decluttering and organizing into your real life. I would love to help you if you would like some support in discovering how to declutter and organize in a way that sparks joy – and lasting. 

I will be systematic, stress-free assistance to let go of items that no longer serve you. For now,  contact me here, and we can set up an appointment for a talk to find out if this would be something for you. I think you will find that with a little help, enjoying your everyday life is easier than you might imagine.

"A KonMari Consultant's objective is to support as many people as possible, through organizing, in living their ideal lives." -Marie Kondo


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