"I was looking for an ecological cleaning agent on the internet. We walk barefoot in the house a lot and I need a cleaning product that is easy and quick to use for us and our cleaning lady and still cleans well.

Ecoclean seemed to be the right product for me. I was very excited about what I had ordered. There was a canister, spray bottles and wonderful cleaning cloths. It was easy to make the right mixing ratio in the spray bottles for different applications. The liquid smells good and does not irritate my nose. Now I have a very good feeling when cleaning and the cleaning power of the agent makes the work easy, all surfaces are cleaned gently and effectively, even the sensitive stone floor and the steel surfaces become wonderfully clean and streak-free. I think Ecoclean is simply brilliant!"

Ursula Vogt

"Our carpenter recommended Ecoclean to get our stained, grubby furniture ready for renovation. Now it is our everyday home cleaner. I recommend Swiss Ecoclean to anyone who cherishes children, animals and the environment… but still, wants a cleaning product that is effective and brings results that not other." 

Monica Müller


"After the car service, I was amazed at how visible the shine of the interior was and how good the smell was. Just a bit different than usual.When I asked at the garage, what kind of cleaning product they used, they introduced me to Ecoclean. Today I have three spray bottles of all-purpose cleaner scattered around the household, so I can use them spontaneously. The fact that you can always refill the bottles yourself, is very convenient for me. Some of my relatives are now using Ecoclean too because they noticed how simple and enjoyable the application is. Clean, bright, soft and of course today it is always used in the car!" 

Erika Tamburini-Berger


"The field team visited a garage and I happened to be present. Since the demonstration had left a lasting impression, I ordered some for my home. I use it for washing the car, on upholstery and carpets (spraying the strong spots and then using the shampooing machine). In the household, kitchen furniture, upholstered furniture and on carpets, spray the stains on the dirty laundry before putting them into the washing machine." 

Rolf Sollberger


"Ecoclean is a great cleaning product – you can use it to clean just about anything: in your house, your car, and outdoor things as well. As a busy working mother with a tight schedule, I don’t want to have to go searching around for and trying out different types of cleaning products. After having been recommended Ecoclean by a friend, I’ve used Ecoclean now for many years and continue to be very satisfied with how it works. I’m conscious of the products I buy and am pleased that Ecoclean meets high environmental and ethical standards. Ecoclean is an environmentally friendly cleaning product that contains no animal ingredients and has not been tested on animals. Ecoclean is the perfect all-purpose cleaner for me – I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a single, all around great cleaning product!" 

Joan Belzer


"I' have been using Ecoclean for many years already. I use it on my white doors - so simple, spray it on and wipe it off. It leaves them super clean and without streaking. I also use Ecoclean on the rims of my car with great results. No other (toxic) product does such a great job. I'm altogether very happy with the product and can recommend it." 

Irène Kopp Schaller



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