EcoClean Annika Pellegrini

I’m Annika Pellegrini, co-creator, and co-inventor of EcoClean. My husband Alex and I met while working for a German company that did ecological cleaning products. We wanted to create our own product … something that would be environmentally friendly, yet heavy enough for industrial and business applications. And we wanted to make it available to Switzerland.

We opened our company in 2001. We now have thousands of happy customers in Switzerland in the business, restaurant, and industrial sector. You can learn more about the applications we provide and the industries we serve here. (For business customers).

Over the years we’ve been contacted by people who saw the effectiveness of Swiss Ecoclean in their workplaces and wanted the same product for their homes, their cars, and their boats. We wanted to make it easier for you to buy EcoClean for your personal and household use.

So we created this second website that also has a webshop.

We use Ecoclean ourselves for everything from cars to kitchen appliances to cabinets. And frankly, we love it!

We love cleaning with products that are so safe they don’t carry a warning label… no risk of burning our skin or setting fire to the kitchen.

We love the easy refills and the absence of a thick flowery scent that makes our noses wrinkle and sends our guests into cringe mode.

We love knowing that Ecoclean does not use animal sources– it’s completely vegan! – and is safe for our own dog.

We reject the idea that our commitment means compromising on quality, convenience and yes, having fun!

Learn more here

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