Are you a regular?

Januar 04, 2021

Bist Du ein Regelmäßiger?


I mean, are you a regular declutterer? Do you like the feeling of "getting rid" of stuff? You want your home more organised, so you do a routine sweep of sorting out, moving things, going through drawers, and giving some things away..

Maybe while sorting clothes after washing, you think: Those two shirts don't look good anymore. Gosh, why did I buy them! What was I thinking of, I'm not 20 anymore! Perhaps you can give them to someone? So you put them on that giveaway pile in the wardrobe.

You might have a habit of moving some papers from one place to another while putting them in some kind of order.

This pocket paperback book you have read. You think: and yeah it was good, but I won't reread it, and it's paper not hardbound, and it takes up some space. So you bring it to the recycling.

And so the story goes round and round.

You never feel like it's done or that you are truly organised. Decluttering is always something to fiddle with.



Declutter and organise once and for all

One thing that could help is to do a Tidying Festival. This is an opportunity to basically do your tidying and declutter work in one fell swoop&mdashthe whole house within as short of a time as possible.

When doing marathon tidying, most of the time, we never finish. It's a never-ending story.

One lady that has developed a genius method for tidying is Marie Kondo. Her approach is a precise way of going through all your belongings and ending up with a home that sparks joy for you.

The first step of her method is that you decide to tidy up. I mean, really decide, because it's a mindset. And when that is done, the physical work can start.

So how do you go from here?



KonMari Consultant in training

You have maybe read Marie Kondo’s books about tidying. If you have, I am sure you love them! I don't know of anyone who doesn't to be honest.

Whether you have read her books or not, one thing that Kondo also suggests is to get support in this tidying journey. To have someone that guides you along the way and gives you accountability helps you to succeed in completing the journey of decluttering once and for all.

Believe me, it can get quite emotional when you go through your “whole life.”

I am currently working towards becoming a certified KonMari Consultant, and at the moment, I am a KonMari Consultant in training.

When I saw that the KonMari Organisation educates tidying consultants, I just knew straight away that I had to do it.

Going through the process of decluttering is so rewarding, for clients, for my fellow consultants, and for me. Actually, it can be life-changing.

The KonMari Method is a practical as well as a spiritual way to clear out your house and find out what is important to you. Not what is important to everyone else. But to you.

I know there are a million books on how to improve your everyday life that cover all kinds of topics: how to deep clean, how to create healthy routines, how to break bad habits, how to build good habits, how to recycle more, how to compost, how to eat healthily. Maybe you have already purchased or read a lot of these books, and like I said above, perhaps even the KonMari books! You probably found them inspiring and enjoyable, and you learned a lot from reading them. The problem is that you haven't actually implemented any of the suggested tools or ideas.

It all sounds so good in theory, but it's so easy to put it off for another day. Sometimes, maybe you need a little help. And I would love to offer exactly that.

And what could be better than to start this New Year with getting organised, and then to stay that way and by the by, find out what makes you excited and inspired?



A free consultation call

Go here for more information.

Contact me here, and we can set up an appointment for a talk to find out if this would be something for you. I think you will find that with a little help, enjoying your everyday life is easier than you might imagine.   

Wish You a Happy New Year!

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