Exercise your brain!

September 05, 2022

Trainiere dein Gehirn!

Welcome to September! It’s that time for fresh idéas and new routines. Shake things up a bit. Or just re-shake. The idea is to not be stagnant. If you want to start something new this autumn but you are not sure what you would like to do, I have a fantastic idea!

Get moving!

Of course, I’m talking about moving your body.

How would it feel to be more stress-resistant, to feel better, AND let go of the constant fear and anxiety that we have been living with, especially in the last few years?

Moving your body also improves your memory and helps you to become more creative and intelligent.

In the book The Real Happy Pill: Power up your brain by moving your body, author Anders Hansen, a senior physician in psychiatry, shows which mechanisms in your brain transform the walk or run into nothing less than a mental “upgrade.”

Regular exercise has proven to be the best brain exercise there is!

Here’s what Dr Anders Hansen says: We know today that the brain is enormously changeable. New brain cells are constantly formed and new connections are created and lost. Everything you do, even every thought you think, changes your brain a little bit. And so does exercise and training to a very high degree. When you move, you not only feel more alert and feel better, it also affects your concentration, memory, mood, sleep, creativity and stress tolerance – even your personality and intelligence. You simply think faster and can put in an extra "mental gear", for example to be able to concentrate when things are chaotic around you. And everyone who moves gets these benefits, children, adults and the elderly.

I'm reading this book right now, and I highly recommend it. It's a true motivator to exercise and stay fit.

Since September is one of those months when many people want to start a healthy habit, this book and the information in it is a great place to start. I also wanted to recommend it now, because folks often quit their new healthy habits after a short spurt of motivation. Reading this book can help you keep on going, making a new desire of moving your body into a lifelong healthy habit!

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