Don’t let the summer holiday clutter up your home

Juli 04, 2022

Lass die Sommerferien nicht Dein Zuhause verstopfen

Oh, we missed you summer!

The warm sun on our skin. The water swirls around our bodies while swimming in the ocean, making us feel light and free. We would like this feeling to stay around forever, please!

Recently on holiday, my husband was watching a couple in our hotel. They were fully dressed and had their packed suitcases with them as they stepped into the elevator with a melancholic smile and pressed the ground floor button to leave the hotel.

He said the worst thing about a holiday is when it’s over. You have to pack your bag and leave a beautiful place.

The reality of going back home can be pretty difficult these days for many of us when the world seems to be upside down.

So we want to bring some of that holiday feeling of freedom back home with us.

Often we buy unnecessary souvenirs just to have something at the end of a trip. Or we collect stones and beautiful shells and fill our suitcases with them, hoping to bring the beach back with us.

We forget that the last holiday treasures landed in a box in the garage somewhere or just became dust collectors.

The poor shells and stones that were thriving on the beach in their home country have been ripped away from where they belong.

And our home grows more cluttered with unnecessary objects that take up space in our minds and homes.

You don’t need to bring things back to remember the holiday.

And your home itself feels more relaxed and like a haven when it is organized and not filled to the brim.

Think twice before you buy or acquire new things on holiday. You will thank yourself later.

I wish you a happy holiday season full of beautiful memories!

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