Help! Too much stuff!

März 01, 2021

Hilfe! Zu viel Zeug!


„Are you still here? Hello, I can't see you!" My client was sitting on the floor behind a massive pile of clothes, feeling overwhelmed.

„Yes, I'm right here", I called back. "Don't worry. I'm not going anywhere". I was also sitting on the floor on the other side of the mountain of all her clothes. I stretched my neck and arm waving over at her, hoping she could see my hand.

„I can't believe it!" She continued, "where did all these clothes come from? Not long ago I took a big bag of clothes to the secondhand shop two blocks away."

I asked my client to take a deep breath and admire this big pile before diving in. Just look at it and let it sink in, the number of clothes that have accumulated over the years.


KonMari Method TM

I have just recently started doing tidying consultation work, and I am at the moment a KonMari Consultant in training. In my work, I follow the KonMari Method TM created by the fabulous decluttering queen Marie Kondo.

All my experienced tidying colleagues and Marie Kondo herself, say the same thing. We all go through this bewildering experience together with our clients when tidying the KonMari way&mdashthe shocking realization of the number of clothes or other things we actually have.

But why is it that we all are so astonished by this? Why don't we know what we own?


So important, by category not by location

Most of us declutter now and then, and we do it by location, room by room. I mean, at first, this comes across so logical,right? For example, we might think: On Saturday, I will go through the living room, it really needs tidying up.

But, if you use this strategy, you will most probably never be ready to truly declutter. And here’s the reason:

People accumulate too much stuff because they don't know how much they actually own.

You can't tell how much you own when your storage is scattered all over

To realize what you own and to become successful in tidying your home in a lasting manner, you need to do the following:

  • Gather every single item in the category from every corner of your home.
  • Pile them all in one spot.
  • Now you can see exactly how much you have.

This is the best way to finish tidying up quickly. Choosing which categories to do first is part of the method, but the main idea is that when you are working with the category that is being decluttered, you don’t leave any items from that category hidden or in storage. It’s all coming out!


Tidy Home Consultation by me

I love this way of tidying up, and it’s the KonMari Method. It’s logical and spiritual at the same time. By going through your home category by category, you don’t just end up with a decluttered home. You are also decluttering your life. Finding out what is important to you in this way can be life-changing.

Kondo has set up a few rules to follow if you want to be successful and have a long-lasting tidy home. One of these is: tidy by category, not by location.

While sitting on the floor, next to your big pile of clothes, go ahead and follow the urge to jump in. I promise you, you’ll love it, being a child again for a few minutes.

Remember that feeling of jumping, running, playing as a child. Feeling fee. You’ll also get that feeling of freedom with a declutterd and tidy home.

If you would like to find out more about the KonMari Method or book a free consultation call to find out if a tidying consultation would be something you would like to do, click here for more information.

If you know someone who could benefit from a tidying consultation, please feel free to give them my contact details.

And now keep your childlike spirit, because you’re ready to begin decluttering!  

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