Is your home neglected?

März 07, 2022

Ist Dein Zuhause vernachlässigt?


The opposite of care is neglect. This is a quote from Linda Thomas, who is the author of the book Why Cleaning Has Meaning.

She goes on to explain:

Neglect is something insidious: it begins in all the corners we do not penetrate with cleaning or our awareness. It spreads when damaged property is not repaired, and when dirt and waste are not removed immediately. Neglect is a passive form of vandalism, creating an environment for violence and destruction.

I'm sure you have experienced a situation when you enter a place or a room, and as soon as you put your first step in there, instinctively, you feel like turning around and leaving again. It just doesn't feel right. Or you might even feel this slight horror moving up your spine.

On the other hand, sometimes when visiting a place, straight away you feel this wave of well-being. You look around and it’s not that you see anything particularly special about the place, but it just feels so darn good.

Thomas says that when she is cleaning, she doesn't simply remove dirt; she consciously tries to create space for something new. Removing dust and dirt results in a void, which she intentionally places at the disposal of helping spiritual beings linked to the area in which she is cleaning, so that something new and positive may come about.

Someone else might call what she is talking about energy, like the positive or negative energy you feel in a space.


Suggestions for areas to spring clean

Maybe you have had an experience where you do your weekly cleaning, but somehow it still doesn't feel clean when you finish. It is like something is off, but you can't put your finger on it. Perhaps you have a vague sense that something is not quite done.

When I was a kid, my grandmother used to tell me: The secret to a fresh and sparkling home is to clean all the spots and places that you don't typically clean weekly. Clean the spaces that are often overlooked.

She went on to say that of course it's important to clean the kitchen cupboards, the oven, the windows, and the curtains. Those are places you might think to clean. But also don't forget the walls, the doors, the window frames, and the blinds. Next, add in all the corners and the floor frames.

Now is the season for getting to those areas that you don’t hit on a weekly basis. The days are getting longer, so you have more daylight to see those forgotten spots. And the extra sunlight might even give you the boost you need to get going on your spring cleaning project!


 Here’s a useful checklist to help you get going:

Tool list:

- Spraybottle
- Bucket
- Cloths (micro)
- Brush (for porous surfaces) and sponge
- A vacuum cleaner with accessories
- Step-ladder

Where to spring clean: 

- Windows and window frames
- Blinds and curtains
- Doors and door frames
- Walls and floor frames
- All the corners - also the ones by the roof!
- And yes, oven and ventilators
- Cupboards
- Floors


Shifting our mindset makes the difference

Thomas says every living organism thrives when cared for, be it a human, an animal, a plant, a building, a community or a home.

Cleaning with total awareness and loving devotion takes on a nurturing aspect and becomes purposeful caring.

The whole atmosphere changes when you clean with awareness, and it is as if the room is filled with light.

When you use this mindset, I promise you, you will start to find joy while cleaning.

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