Love you, mom!

Mai 07, 2018

Love you, mom!


Did you ever wonder what it was going to be like to be a mother?

I did.

I used to daydream about how I was going to do things the right way and be a perfect, cool mom.

Maybe you were like me as a 16-year-old, thinking “I will let MY children live their life! Stupid curfews on Friday evenings will be banned!“

UnfortunatelyI never got to try my “methods” out. I don’t have children because it didn’t work out for us. We did try (cringe – sounds so awkward) for years; it was fertility tests and IVF. A difficult time until I accepted reality. (But now I’m perfectly fine – no need to worry!)

During that season I experienced a lot of fuss. Friends, family, acquaintances and strangers(!) were asking questions. “So, when is it going to happen? Think about your age; you are not getting any younger! Oh – poor you, having children is what life is all about!!!“

These questions or statement were said out of care, curiosity, kindness, disdain or just not knowing what to say.

Most of us don‘t know how to go about talking to a someone who is trying to have children. “Maybe she will freak out if I ask this? Can I say this without her feeling sad or excluded?“

It’s such a natural part of life to become a mother, one that is taken for granted. Motherhood is one of our two primary instincts - reproduction and survival.

In fact, the primary instinct of motherhood is present for all animals, not just humans. Mamma cows are born with the same desire to nurture and care for their babies just like humans are.


Let me tell you about Rose; she was a sweet, intelligent and social cow who gave birth to many children. She loved them all, but the problem was, she never got to keep or know any of them.

I call her Rose, but in reality, she never got a name, just a number.

At an early age, Rose was raped (artificially inseminated), was pregnant for nine months, and had her baby ripped away from her a few hours after he was born. She was crying in vain for weeks afterwards, broken down.

This was all done just so we could take her milk, which was meant for her child.

This cycle repeated itself for another four years; then Rose was killed because she didn’t “produce“ enough milk anymore. She could have reached the age of 25-30.

She never saw her children again. Her daughters were made into “milk-machines“ like herself, and her sons were killed at just a few months old, to be sold as calf-meat.

How can we make such a difference in the importance of mother-child relationships for humans and non-human animals?

Why was I cared about while Rose was brutally abused?

Why is my love for a child more important than her love for her child?


This Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate ALL mothers and honour all mother-child relationships.

What we can do for Rose, her stolen babies and other suffering mothers, is to exchange cow-milk for plant-based milk.

And to tell you the truth, this small change that makes a big difference to Rose is so easy.

Today there are SOOO many delicious varieties and brands of plant-based milk than ever before!

Superb plant-based alternatives

The most popular plant milks are: oat, soy, almond, coconut, and rice milk.

Milk can also be made from:

  • Grains: oat, barley, spelt
  • Legumes: lupin, pea
  • Nuts: almond, cashew, hazelnut, walnut
  • Seeds: Chia seed, flaxseed, quinoa, hemp seed

There are many producers as well. Here are a few that are easy to get in Switzerland:

Soyana, Provamel, Alpro , Oatly, Ecomil, Isola Bio

On your next visit to your favourite eco/bio shop, check out what varieties of plant-based milk they carry. You can often find small packages which are perfect for testing.

There are plenty of vegan webshops as well, where you can conveniently order when you know your favourite brands.

The supermarkets have also equipped themselves with different kinds since the demand is growing!

Don’t forget to buy plant-based cream, creme fraiche, yoghurts and ice creams as well!

Personally, I use soy or oat milk for cooking, mainly from Provamel and Oatly.

Oh, and I have one HOT tip for you today! CHEESE. TO. DIE. FOR.

The Swiss company New Roots makes a camembert from cashews!

It’s a must-have! All their cheese is good, but I always buy the camembert! When you taste it, you will no longer wonder if you have to live without cheese for the rest out your life!

Buying plant-based milk is putting into practise the core values that you already have!

I have realised that one of the big “secrets“ of life is to discover what you can and cannot change.

I will not have children; it’s a fact, I can’t change that. With this change in perspective, seemingly hard things are actually much easier to accept.

But the exploitation and suffering of female animal mothers and their children is something that I can change. Every purchase makes a difference.

So when I’m shopping, I’m putting plant-based milk in my basket over cow milk every time! It’s sooo easy, I promise you!

Love to all mothers including all mamma cows and baby cows!

And a special shout-out to my own mother! Love you, mom! Happy Mothers Day!


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