Cleaning stainless steel

September 07, 2020

Reinigung von Edelstahl

How to get your stainless steel sparkly clean and streak-free

 "Wow, look at those floor joints! They look so clean!“ I was shouting to my husband in excitement while bending down scratching with my fingernails on the floor in a waiting room. He looked at the floor and nodded energetically. Yes, he replied, "it’s not too often you see the spaces between the tiles like these. Most people think they are dark, and they should be light like they are here". He was just as happy to see them as I was.

Clean floor joints are probably not a source of excitement for most people. But since we have worked with cleaning products for so long and are producing our own all-around cleaning product Ecoclean, we have developed a habit of noticing when something has been cleaned really well.

When I jump into an elevator made of stainless steel. I can't help but notice the smudge, the dull oxidation, the fingerprints, and the streaks on the surfaces.

Usually when I’m standing in an elevator, my fingers are itching and I wish I had my Ecoclean bottle with me so I could start wiping away the smudges. Then I could enjoy my ride surrounded by clean and sparkly surfaces.

Cleaning stainless steel can be a bit tricky, and how to do it the best way is a common question we get, so here is our take on getting your stainless steel to shine.


Before you start, find the grain in the stainless steel

To properly clean a stainless steel surface, you've got to see the grain.

The grains can go in different directions, depending on how the object or appliance was built.

So have a look at each object separately and determine which way the grain goes, horizontally or vertically.

When you have found it, you must work and wipe with the grain, not against it. Getting this step right will determine how clean and sparkly your object will be

If you work or wipe against the grain, you will just brush over the surface instead of getting into the crevices for actual deep cleaning.

So, keeping this detail in mind, here we go.


Apply these steps when cleaning stainless steel

  1. If you don't have our all-around cleaning product Ecoclean yet, I urge you to get yourself a can. Ecoclean is excellent to clean most things, and one of them is stainless steel. We have so many customers in restaurants or facility management that can't live without it. It's excellent for stainless steel and not abrasive for your hands. Good combo
  2. Fill a spray bottle with 1 part Ecoclean and 20 parts water. For exceptionally dirty surfaces, like in a greasy kitchen, you can dilute 1:10 with water.
  3. Spray the surface with your diluted Ecoclean bottle. You can spray the whole surface or bit by bit, depending on how big the object is.
  4. Wipe with a high-quality microfibre cloth. Remember, follow the grain as you wipe. You might need a few cloths if they get dirty and wet. No worries, these microfibre cloths can be washed and used over and over again.
  5. Take a fresh microfibre cloth and dampen it with water. Then wipe again in the direction of the grain. This step will clear the rest of the ugly stripes that we don't want to leave behind.
  6. If necessary, use another cloth and buff your stainless steel dry.


Done! Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the cleanest of us all?

Cleaning stainless steel can feel daunting at first, but soon it will be second nature, like everything that becomes a habit.

Note: if you are planning to use Ecoclean for professional use, such as in a big restaurant kitchen, for step 3 it would be practical to use a foamer instead of a spray bottle since the surfaces are larger. Or use a bucket with water and Ecoclean and a sponge to wipe the surface down.


All-around cleaning product Ecoclean

Since Ecoclean also removes the oxidation, the stainless steel will turn out like the day you took off the protection film when it was new.

Like I said before, I recommend that you get yourself a can of Ecoclean. You don't have to be a dirt-spot hunter like me - which is an utterly unnecessary waste of energy – to like it and use it everywhere.

It will make your life or so much easier. (And it will make life easier for whoever cleans your house!) You don't need a cupboard full of different products. With Ecoclean, you have one product that you can use for most of your cleaning applications.

And, Ecoclean is Vegan and environmentally friendly. We love animals, and we know you do too!


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