What happens if children get to know the truth?

April 06, 2020

Was passiert, wenn Kinder die Wahrheit erfahren?

I was standing in front of the mirror in the hallway of my childhood friends and neighbours apartment. Not bad, I was thinking, watching myself dressed up as an Easter Witch.

I wore chunky, colourful and patterned clothes, just as the tradition dictated I would. Skirt, apron and the must-have scarf around my head. My face was painted with freckles and rosy cheeks.

When my eyes landed on my feet, I wasn't as impressed since I wore white socks and tackies. Those don't fit in with my witch wardrobe, I contemplated to myself, and I frowned and shook my head. But we were in a hurry, so I didn't have time to do anything about it. Come on, let's go! My friends called me. On our way out, jabbering and giggling full of excitement, I grabbed the basket full of Easter cards which we would be handing out on our Easter trick-and-treat tour, a treasured tradition for kids in Sweden.


Easter traditions

Traditions are important to us. They give us a sense of belonging and stability, especially for children.

Other traditions children love on Easter, besides dressing up as witches, are of course, the egg hunt in the garden.

And we paint eggs and decorate our homes with them.

And we eat them in loads – twice as much as on other days.

Unfortunately, there are some dark truths behind the eggs we use for so many of our traditions.


Let's ask the children

How do you think children would react if we told them that most baby chicks have never met their parents and never will?

What do you think children would say if they found out that the baby chick boys are brutally killed the same day they are born, simply because they are boys?

What would children think if they found out that the girls are just there to be egg-laying machines, most of them will never see the sun or run around picking and playing? What about when they hear that the only time they will catch a glimpse of the sky will be on their way to the slaughterhouse, just one-year-old, with already worn-out bodies, still children themselves?

How do you think these children would feel if they discovered what happens to their friends? And what would they want to do about it?

Children are compassionate and clever

We all have a right to know. And we all have a right to decide what we do with that information, including children.

Children, especially before they get too old, (before they can be desensitised or brainwashed) are extremely sensitive to others. They are compassionate and full of empathy. And research says that children don’t want to hurt anyone else. Actually none of us do. It’s not in our nature.

Let's take our children seriously when they have these concerns. Click here to find an interesting study of children questioning eating animals.

Joy without suffering

Like we just said, traditions are important to us. So is culture and religion. They give stability and a sense of belonging.

But, however important they are to us, let’s don’t take part in something that causes suffering to others. Especially when we have a choice.

Don’t give up your traditions, just bend them a bit, so they are kind to everyone.  What do you think? Let’s reshape Easter this year!

Swissveg has put together a super useful page where you can easily find what to use instead of eggs for different purposes. You can check their page out for more details..

You can still make your favourite recipes, just exchange a few ingredients – and voila – you’ll have a superb Easter supper, which is both delicious and kind. Here are some ideas

What about the Easter Egg Hunt in the garden? Of course, you don’t want to miss celebrating Easter with your children! So let them have all the fun in the world together with play and being creative. But instead of eggs, paint fruits with a hard shell, like an apple. Or use wooden, ceramic or cloth eggs.

Consider trying something new this Easter!

Creating a new tradition might not be a bad idea this year. It could be a welcome distraction to this incredibly chaotic and stressful time we live in at the moment.

I wish all of you health and strength and a Happy Easter.

PS A short video to brighten your day!

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