How tidying makes you a mindful shopper

September 06, 2021

Wie das Aufräumen Dich zu einem achtsamen Einkäufer macht

Shopping is probably not the first thing you think about when you are tidying and clearing out your things. Right? You’re supposed to do the opposite of shopping: getting rid of stuff!

You are planning to get rid of that clutter instead of getting more. Yes absolutely. I am all for that as well.

You want no more shirts squeezed into the wardrobe, nor do you want hundreds of bowls in the kitchen together with never-used cutlery. Nor a cellar you have given up doing something about since you can't even walk in there anymore because the floor and the walls are just covered with stuff. And you have probably forgotten what all is stashed in there except the Christmas decorations you have placed in a relatively easy spot to find.

They say a cluttered house is a cluttered mind.

And actually, I think doing some decluttering would do everyone good.

Especially when using the method developed by Marie Kondo. She has not just created a highly effective way of tidying, but it's also mindful and so optimistic. It's called the KonMari Method®.

I highly recommend her book The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up. Or you can find many articles about her methods on my blog.

But just to point out one essential part of the KonMari Method® will make you understand better what I mean when I say “mindful shopping.” Instead of focusing on what to throw away, you focus on what you want to keep. It's a mindset shift.

You keep what sparks joy for you.

The more we practice this method, the better we become at listening to ourselves and understanding what sparks joy for us. Not what everyone else thinks we should do or what's trendy.

See if the following scenario sounds familiar. You pick out a shirt that you instinctively love, but then your friend points out that another one is more trendy and she thinks it makes you look gorgeous. Quickly, you contemplate which one you should take and end up following your friend's advice – which was recommended with good intentions but it kept you from trusting your own instincts. And only you can know what sparks joy for you.

Many of us struggle with this, and I want to help you to trust yourself more

Going through this process, using the KonMari Method®, you won't just end up with a tidy and organized home. You also go through your past and start figuring out what you want for the future.

And when you feel joy and happiness in yourself, you are automatically more compassionate towards others. Not only with other humans but also with animals, nature and our belongings.

As a result, you become more mindful of what new items you buy and acquire in the future.

You become able to listen to yourself when you ask:

Does it spark joy? What is behind it? Who is behind it?



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