Where do I start?

September 06, 2021

Wo soll ich anfangen?


Where do I start decluttering? is a question I often come across in regards to tidying. But I'm not going to tell you which room is the best place to start, or what season it should be, or if it's best to begin on a sunny day.

A better question to ask before you start is this: What do you think is happening in the process of decluttering?

Going through the KonMari tidying process can be quite a journey. You are basically going through your life. And that can be both emotionally and physically heavy, considering the number of things we tend to collect through the years.

I'm sure you know what your garage, cellar or attic looks like. Or just take a real peek into the kitchen cupboards or at the bookshelves. Go and have a look at all the papers in your office. Pretend you are a stranger in your own home and have a look around. You will quickly realize the amount of stuff you have around. Of course, going through all of it can be daunting. Even thinking about going through it all can be overwhelming.

And yes, it is a daunting project. The time it takes to do this decluttering work of your things varies, depending on how big your home is, how many items you have, how much time you have to give to it, and your decision-making skills. (On this last one I can come in to support and guide you.)

But you can think about the process like this: You will have a mess for a few months, but when you come out on the other side of the tunnel, a huge weight will have been lifted off your shoulders. You will feel lighter, more focused, more self-secure, and happier.

To sum up what tidying the KonMari way means, here is a quote from Marie Kondo: The question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life.

So to do this in the most effective and lasting way, you need to have made the decision that you are ready for this decluttering process. YES, I want to do this now.


Then you can start

So after you have made this decision, you can start. Now you can ask where and how?

The KonMari Method is not just very effective; it is also mindful and optimistic. And unlike traditional home organizing strategies, the KonMari Method emphasizes the importance of visualizing how you want your ideal lifestyle and living environment when you are done.

This visual picture will be your carrot along the way.

This helps you clarify why you want to tidy and identify the kind of life you want to live once you're finished with your tidying festival.


Prompts from KonMari

Here are a few prompts from the KonMari Method to imagine your ideal lifestyle and bring it into sharp focus. Be as specific as possible in your answers to these prompts.


Write down three words that describe your ideal living space.

Is there a theme?

What are the predominant colours, shapes and textures?

What is the light like?

How do you want to feel after tidying?

What motivated you to tidy in the first place?

What does the beginning and end of your day look like?

How do you spend your days?

Who is in your life?

What activities and hobbies do you participate in?

What do you see, hear, feel, smell and taste each day?

I'm inspired by…

I'd love to learn more about….

I love to…


Reasons for reaching out to a consultant

It all sounds so good in theory, but it's so easy to put the whole tidying process off for another day. Sometimes, maybe you need a little help. A gentle nudge from another person can provide the accountability and encouragement you need to integrate ideas about decluttering and organizing into your real life.

I would love to help you if you would like some support in discovering how to declutter and organize in a way that sparks joy – and is lasting.

I will provide systematic, stress-free assistance to let go of items that no longer serve you. For now, contact me here, and we can set up an appointment for a talk to find out if this would be something for you.

I think you will find that with a little help, enjoying your everyday life is easier than you might imagine.

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