How do we know that spring is here?

Februar 01, 2021

Woher wissen wir, dass der Frühling da ist?


I was half-listening to my mom and her friend while they were sitting at the kitchen table chatting and sipping coffee. They had just been on their Saturday food shopping tour.

Coffee breaks are a must in Sweden. They happen all the time, in between activities, before work, after work, even at work. We have a word for it as well, Fika (not to be confused with a very similar German slang word). I think IKEA has even made Fika a bit famous outside of the borders of Sweden.

Now it's really time, my mum said to her friend while swallowing another sip of her favourite drink. Her friend nodded assent, and my mom continued, with the sun shining like this, the dirt shows more and I can hardly see outside.

That was my sign. Spring is truly here!

When my mom decides to get the window-cleaning man in, spring has officially arrived with all its glory.

And it’s not just the window-cleaning man, but spring’s arrival also brings a thorough cleanse of the whole house. That’s why it’s called spring cleaning.

The secret of spring cleaning

My mom’s friend turned to me and said with a conspiratorial smile: The secret to a fresh and sparkling home is to clean all the spots and places that you don't typically clean weekly. Clean the spaces that are often overlooked.

She went on to say that yes it's important to clean the kitchen cupboards, the oven, the windows, and the curtains. Those are places you might think to clean. But also don't forget the walls, the doors, the window frames, and the blinds. Next, add in all the corners and the floor frames.

Her list makes sense to me, but it sounds like a lot of work!


Like with most things, it's the mindset

For most people cleaning is probably not their favourite task. But with the right mindset and good music, I promise you, it can be fun and even freeing.

Maybe your cleaning lady (or man) does it all, or perhaps you work together, like we do. Either way, clear a weekend of other activities, prepare yourself mentally, and gather the right tools.

What's so cool about our all-purpose cleaning product Ecoclean Homeline, is that you can use it for all the cleaning applications. You don't need ten different products. You can use Ecoclean for painted surfaces, plastic, marble, wood, stainless steel… you name it. It's truly meant for basic cleaning. You can use our list below to get ready for your spring cleaning weekend!


What you need

Tool list:

  •         Ecoclean
  •         Spray bottle
  •         Bucket
  •         Cloths (micro)
  •         Brush (for porous surfaces) and sponge
  •         A vacuum cleaner with accessories
  •         Step-ladder

Where to spring clean:

  •         Windows and window frames
  •         Blinds and curtains
  •         Doors and door frames
  •         Walls and floor frames
  •         All the corners - also the ones by the roof!
  •         And yes, oven and ventilators
  •         Cupboards
  •         Floors


If you have already done some tidying / decluttering and given your each of your belongings a good place/home the cleaning will go much faster. Not just the spring cleaning, but your weekly cleaning and everyday tasks will be like a walk in the park.

Book a date, get the tools, open the windows, turn on the music and start climbing that ladder to reach all the fun places and make your home shine and sparkle!

When you finish, you will enjoy watching the new season come in through those clean windows, just like my mum.

And of course, have a coffee break to celebrate when you’re done!  

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